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Welcome to WSU's X-ray Microscopy Lab

The X-ray Microscopy Lab is located in ETRL 016 and houses a Hytec Flash CT and a brand new Zeiss Xradia Ultra 810 with nano non-intrusive, 3D x-ray imaging down to 50 nm spatial resolution! This equipment was acquired by a joint effort through the JCDREAM, the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, and multiple WSU faculty.

With a  chromium anode and 5.4 keV energy, the Xradia 810 Ultra delivers optimized contrast and image quality for medium to low Z samples and other materials used throughout science and industry such as biofilms, polymers, and carbon fiber.

Four modes of operation offer versatility in the field of view and material properties. Large field of view (LFOV) mode increases the spot size to 65 microns while high resolution (HRES) is 16 microns. Both these modes can be run in standard (absorption) or in phase contrast.

The intuitive Zeiss software makes scanning as easy as loading the sample and following five simple steps. The back end software becomes a powerful tool, enabling the user to bisect, rotate, filter, animate, and apply color scales until the regions of interest are highlighted.











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For sample processing, please contact:

Joshah Jennings

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