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Boron Disk Drying

Boron Source Wafer Drying



  • Load the boron disks into the boron diffusion wafer boat if it has not already been loaded making sure to have a dummy wafer between each boron disk.
  • Set oven temperature to 760 or 800 C  
  • Set nitrogen at 6.75 liters/min..
  • Once the furnace has reached its operating temperature, put on the hot-glove and remove the cap from the lower furnace, setting it on the counter below the furnace opening.
  • Remove the quartz push rod from the rod holder.
  • Use the quartz wafer boat carrier to transport the boron wafer boat to the diffusion furnace and push the boat into the mouth of the furnace with the quartz push rod.
  • Set timer to t= 00:00:00
    • Begin 10 min. push of wafer boat into furnace at the rate of 1 inch per 30 seconds until the boat is in the center of the furnace. At the end of the 10 min. push, use the quartz rod to check the center placement of the wafer boat.
    • Replace quartz rod in its holder.
    • Replace diffusion furnace cap with ¼” wiggle room.
  • At t= 00:40:00
    • Put on the hot-glove and remove diffusion furnace end cap.
    • Remove the hot-glove.
    • Begin the 10 min. pull to remove the boron wafer boat from the diffusion furnace at a rate of 1-inch every 30 seconds.
    • At the conclusion of the 10 min. pull, take the boron wafer boat to the flow bench with the wafer boat carrier and allow it to cool to handling temperature.
    • Put on hot-glove and replace diffusion furnace end cap leaving ¼” of wiggle room.
  • Proceed with boron diffusion procedure when the boron source disks are cool.


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