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Lab Staff



• Hourly Rates

Professional laboratory staff are available to process your work on a contract basis for $46 per hour with a 1 hour minimum and 1/4 hour increments thereafter. This arrangement can be much more economical for prototyping or minimal iteration research.



• Thin Film Sputtering System Fee**

University & Non-profit Organizations $400 per cycle
Profit Organizations $780 per cycle





• Deep Reactive Ion Etcher Fee

University & Non-profit Organizations $114 per hour 
Profit Organizations $130 per hour





• Atomic Layer Deposition

University & Non-profit Organizations $70 per hour 
Profit Organizations $95 per hour






** This system will also be charged the total occupied time at the hourly rate of $46/hr. Pump down time has a 6hr cap.

For example: Dr. Smith's samples take 1hr to prep and load in the sputter machine, then it takes 8hrs to pump down, then 1/2 hour to sputter and unload the samples. Dr. Smith's bill will be $400 plus $345 (1hr + 6hrs cap + 0.5hr @ $46/hr) for a total of $745. 






You can reach us for further information at: (509) 335-8145 or



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